About Me…….

Starting out as a keen hobbyist, watching and learning about my aquarium became apart of everyday life. The colour, vibrance and variety of the inhabitants is unrivalled and still to this day mesmerising.

Coming from a background in retail and also maintenance of commercial and domestic aquariums, I have built up an extensive array of knowledge and expertise about the livestock, the environment it lives in and the systems that should be in place allowing the inhabitants to thrive and grow.

I have found over the years that dedication and knowledge is key to successfully maintaining any aquarium or pond, whether its a basic aquarium with fish or a complex reef system , they all have their own particular needs and requirements.

Keeping an aquarium or pond should be an enjoyable experience from the very beginning at the installation stage to running the system. With correct planning and aftercare, any aquarium can be successful and thoroughly rewarding.

I currently maintain a variety of reef, fish only with live rock, tropical and ponds for domestic and commercial clients. With my knowledge and experience and working together with you, my client we can achieve the best results possible for your aquarium, after all the better it looks the more enjoyment you will receive from it.



My humble beginnings….

I started off with a 100 Litre freshwater system many years ago and it wasn’t long until I was hooked! Trips to the local fish shops and watching my favourite fish circling the aquarium always brought  smile to my face. It wasn’t long until I found myself wanting a saltwater aquarium. I went on to buy a new aquarium slightly bigger than its predecessor and filled it with saltwater. I went on to add my first clownfish which was the very start of my saltwater journey. 



All these years later I still have the same clownfish. He has been in 3 different tanks in the last 7 years, due to house moves. He still resides in the same anemone with his girlfriend whom I purchased a few weeks after buying him! Amazing!

At present I have a 72″ x 33″ x 24″ reef aquarium mainly dominated by SPS and hard corals in a vast array of colours and types, this aquarium houses fishes I have owned longer than my children have been born. My work schedule has always been hectic , therefore I have automated the tank so it requires little involvement other than feeding my fish which I absolutely love. My fish and corals have always thrived which is testament to my hard work and dedication to my aquarium and I pass on that same dedication to my clients tanks.

It has since been many years from when I began keeping fish, coupling my personal experience with my work experience including working in a couple of well known aquatic retailers and a company providing maintenance services, has lead me to be able to offer my services and experience to help maintain aquariums…….